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every legitimate website should have a mission statement. This cool tool webmaster resource helps you create one for YOUR site

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The Mission Statement

the cool tool for your website

It's the 21st century and nearly every legitmate major organization in the world uses a mission statement. Online and off.

Where's yours?

A mission statement on your website should now be considered standard. For any e-business, commercial venture or personal website.

What is a mission statement?
A mission statement is a clear and concise written statement which defines a person's or organization's purpose, goal, values, principles and target audience.

The big hitters - from Fortune 500 companies to high-tech heavyweights to ivy league universities to your favorite professional sports teams - can spend weeks and months and spend thousands, even tens of thousands, of dollars to create a mission statement to put on their website. I'll show you how to do the same thing for your website ... in a lot less time ... and it doesn't have to cost you a dime!

A mission statement on your website adds an important dimension to your web presence; it lets the world (your visitors, customers, suppliers, etc.) know what you and your website are all about; your personal value system, your guiding principles, underlying humanitarian motivation, who exactly you are most interested in attracting to your site and why.

A proper mission statement on a website also adds some much needed human-ness to the internet.

One of the biggest advantages (and disadvantages) of the internet is anonymity - it doesn't matter who or where you are - you can access the world ... and the world can access you. Unfortunately, by the very nature of the internet websites are also impersonal; there is no face-to-face or voice or other personal contact; the human element has been all but factored out. And people do need some human-ness, they do need to have some kind of a personal human connection, especially on a website. More than just a contact phone number or a contact email address is needed. Now you can add that all-important human connection to your own website ... by adding your mission statement, to your site.

What does that do for you and your website? A proper website mission statement can make visitors feel more comfortable, be more interested in, and feel more personally connected to, your website. They'll be able to better relate to your site. Online, people have big fears; fear of getting ripped off, privacy fears, etc. It's a matter of TRUST ... and people simply do not trust most sites they visit online. A mission statement can help reduce these fears and can promote more trust. And that can help YOUR site achieve the goals you want to achieve online.

Who is a website mission statement for? It's for anyone who has a website. Large or small. Personal or commercial. Any category. Please note: this type of basic mission statement works best if you are the owner of your site. If you are a public company or have many partners, etc you will probably want a more sophisticated, more complicated mission statement created in-house or via an advertising agency.

How do you get a mission statement?
you don't "get" a mission statement, you create one. It's a unique and completely customized process. A proper mission statement is also short and to the point ... and sets forth what you wish most to accomplish with your site ... and your life. And no, a mission statement is not about having the latest bells & whistles on your site, or making lots of money or getting lots of traffic or winning awards (though those things are nice!). Beyond the information on a website, beyond the About Me page, your visitors want to know if they can trust you and your site, they want to know what kind of person YOU are, what you stand for, what kind of ethics YOU have. Let them know - with a website mission statement.

I'll show you how to create a mission statement for YOUR website ... in as little as 30 minutes ... for free!

No tricks. No catch. And, no, we don't sell your email address or send you offers, etc. We just help you create a mission statement so you can put it on your web site.

Who Am I?
My name is Andrew Lawrence and I am a former New York money market trader and Wall St professional. I am currently the founder and webmaster of the Life Purpose Society and also the creator of this program. Since 1987, I have lived in Southern California ... where the sun shines 330 days a year.

and yes, this is the best picture of me ever taken (it was a very sunny day)

the mission statement of this website is
to clarify, promote and increase
"website effectiveness"
for site owners throughout the world

How to create your mission statement

Creating a mission statement takes a bit of time and it takes a bit of soul searching. So set aside some quiet time, where you won't be disturbed or distracted.

By the way, if you want to do it the easy way, I offer an excellent online mission statement program that does all the hard work and soul searching for you and takes as little as 15-30 minutes. But first, try doing it yourself. If you want to do it the easy way using my online program see the information further down the page

OK, here's how you create your website mission statement .....

Rule #1: a mission statement longer than 1 short sentence is unacceptable!

There are 3 parts to the mission statement (read this section all the way through before you start creating your mission statement. if you start falling asleep go right to the info for the easy way online program!) ...

Step #1 Motivations
First you think of all the activities you like to do most ... and what actions are required to do them. Think in terms of "action verbs". Action verbs are words like: create, nurture, build, restore, read, identify, catagorize, communicate, etc. On a sheet of paper you list the activities that you personally love to do (food and sex do not count, though there are a few exceptions to that!). Now think of what action verbs are involved in doing your favorite activities and write those down. Write down as many as come to mind that apply (10-12 if possible). Then you circle or check the top 3.

Step #2 Principles
Next, you list your guiding personal principles. You think of all the things that you, personally, believe in strongly. What you stand for. Such as: honor, integrity, order, family, etc. You write down as many as you can think of (10-12 if possible). Then you circle or check the single most important principle; your guiding principle.

Step #3 Target Audience
Next, you think about the people who you would most like to reach, those you want to benefit from your efforts (from Step 1 and Step 2) i.e. what group or type of organization would you most like to help? The poor? The rich? The disabled? Families? You list as many as come to mind (10-12 if possible). Then you circle or check the single most important one to you, the one that you feel the strongest about. This is your target audience.

After you complete these 3 exercises then you'll have all 3 components of your mission statement. Just put them all together and you have it. Here's what it will look like ... (you fill in the blanks)

   my mission is to _________ __________ __________ 
                        (3 motivations)

                     (guiding principle)
             with, to, for _______________ 

That's how you create your mission statement. Then you put it on your website.  Create a page for it, a link, whatever you want to do on your website.  

The easy way .....

If you had trouble creating your mission statement on your own or you just don't want to do it yourself or if it looks like a lot of work or a big headache to you - you should seriously consider using the online Mission Statement Program below and doing it the easy way .....

The Online
Mission Statement

Here's how it works .....

  • online, you access 3 comprehensive databases (which took me 2 years to personally design and compile)
  • simply go through the databases, choose the selections that apply to YOU, and all 3 components of your customized Mission Statement will be revealed
  • simply put your 3 unique components together and - in as little as 15-30 minutes - you will have created an effective, proper, 100% customized mission statement

Then simply add your mission statement to your website. You can create a new page, add a link to it or add it to an existing page(s) or display it any way you like.

The databases can generate over 250 million customized mission statements Believe me, this program can create the perfect and proper mission statement for YOU!

This program takes all the time consuming, frustrating and often exhausting soul searching out of creating your all-important website mission statement and replaces it with an easy-to-do customized menu. With this online program, creating your website mission statement is simple, its easy and its fast! And complete easy-to-follow instructions are provided right on the program site.

What does it cost?

You decide. For the online mission statement program a donation is customary. There is a suggested donation chart below. To proceed choose your donation amount from the chart below. Click on the corresponding link and you will be taken to paypal. At paypal make your donation, via credit card or electronic check.

you can either do the program online or Save or Print the program and do it later at your convenience, in your own home or office

Customary Donation Guide


your generosity is appreciated

As soon as you make your donation you will be immediately and automatically taken right from paypal to the online Website Mission Statement Program, where you can access the program. Paypal is the only donation method we accept. Program is in English only.

If you are a website owner, putting a mission statement on your site is now a must. If you want your site to be taken seriously by your visitors then you should create your website mission statement ASAP!

You'll be glad you did!

your site will be cool

if you use my new tool

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