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Website Checklist

10 basic things every
website should have ...

__ all short sentences and paragraphs (more reader friendly)

__ lots of "white" space (more appealing)

__ graphics (makes site more interesting and entertaining)

__ links (widens reader interest)(boosts search engine ranking)

__ search engine listings (so people can find your site)

__ "banner" at top (makes home page look professional)

__ contact info (at least a valid email address)

__ About Me or About Us info (makes it more credible)

__ privacy policy (adds credibility; spam policy etc)

__ website mission statement (defines ethics and purpose of your site). For more info go to

With these 10 website basics your site can be more professional looking, more appealing and more credible. And, as a result, you can expect to get a more positive response to your website and your website content.

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