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Mission Statement

Here's how it works .....

A mission statement is a unique customized combination of one's motivations, guiding principles and targets

  • online, you access 3 comprehensive databases, designed and compiled by a disciple of Albert Einstein
  • simply go through the databases, choose the selections that apply to YOU, and all 3 components of your customized Mission Statement will be revealed
  • simply put your 3 unique components together and - in as little as 15-30 minutes - you will have created an effective, proper, 100% customized mission statement

Then simply add your mission statement to your website. You can create a new page, add a link to it or add it to an existing page(s) or display it any way you like.

This program takes all the time consuming, frustrating and often exhausting soul searching out of creating your all-important website mission statement and replaces it with an easy-to-do customized menu. With this online program, creating your website mission statement is simple, its easy and its fast! And complete easy-to-follow instructions are provided right on the program site.

What does it cost?

You decide. For the online mission statement program a donation is customary. There is a suggested donation chart below. To proceed choose your donation amount from the chart below. Click on the corresponding link and you will be taken to paypal. At paypal make your donation, via credit card or electronic check.

you can either do the program online or Save or Print the program and do it later at your convenience, in your own home or office

Customary Donation Guide


your generosity is appreciated

As soon as you make your donation you will be immediately and automatically taken to the online Website Mission Statement Program, where you can access the program. Paypal is the only donation method we accept. Program is in English only.

If you are a website owner and/or webmaster, putting a mission statement on your site is now a must. If you want your site to be modern and up-to-date create your website mission statement today!

You'll be glad you did!

your site will be cool

if you use this new tool