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It's the 21st century and nearly every legitmate  entity in the world uses a mission statement.  Online and off. 

Where's yours?

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A mission statement on your website should now be considered standard. For any commercial website, personal website, e-business, ezine, newsletter, etc. Large or small.

What is a website mission statement?
A website mission statement is a clear and concise written statement which sets forth a website's purpose, goal, values, principles and target audience.

The internet's leading websites - from Fortune 500 companies to high-tech heavyweights to ivy league universities to your favorite professional sports teams - can spend weeks and months and can spend thousands, even tens of thousands, of dollars to create a mission statement. I'll show you how to create a website mission statement and put it on your website ... in a lot less time ... and, no, it won't cost you a fortune!

A website mission statement adds an important dimension to your web presence; it lets the world (your visitors, customers, suppliers, etc.) know what you and your website are all about; your value system, your guiding principles, underlying humanitarian motivation, who exactly you are most interested in attracting to your site and why.

What does that do for you and your website?
A proper website mission statement can make visitors feel more comfortable, be more interested in, and feel more personally connected to, your website. They'll be able to better relate to your site. Why is that important? Because online, people have big fears; fear of getting ripped off, fear of getting a virus, privacy fears, etc.

According to published results of a project by Consumers Union (publisher of Consumer Reports) 67% of AOL subscribers express low levels of trust in e-commerce sites, while a similar 71% of MSN users express such a low level. (aol alone has approx 25 million subscribers!)

Just think of your own anxieties and concerns while visiting sites on the internet. It's a matter of TRUST ... and a high percentage of people do not trust sites they visit online. A website mission statement can help reduce your visitors' fear and mistrust. And that can help YOUR site achieve the goals you want to achieve online.

Who is a website mission statement for? It's for anyone who has a website. Large or small. Personal or commercial. Any category.

(please note: this type of website mission statement works best if you are the webmaster and owner of your site. If you are a large, established or public company or have many partners, etc you will probably want a more sophisticated, more complicated mission statement created in-house or via an advertising agency).

How do you get a website mission statement?
you don't "get" a website mission statement, you create one. It's a unique and completely customized process. A proper website mission statement is also short and to the point ... and sets forth what you wish most to accomplish with your site. And no, a mission statement is not about meta tags or having the latest bells & whistles on your site, or making lots of money or getting lots of traffic or winning awards (though those things are nice!). Beyond the content on your website, beyond the graphics, beyond the About Me page and contact info, etc. your visitors want to know (consciously or subconsciously) if they can trust you and your site, they want to know what kind of person they are dealing with, what you stand for, what kind of ethics you have. Let them know - with a website mission statement.

I'll help you create a mission statement for YOUR website ... in as little as 15-30 minutes

Who Am I?
My name is Andrew Lawrence and I am a former New York money market trader and Wall St professional. I relocated to Southern California in 1987 and have been the webmaster and marketing guru for a number of sites. I am also the creator and copyright holder of this website mission statement program.

and yes, this is a real picture of me (it was a very sunny day)

the mission statement of this website is
to clarify, promote and increase
"website effectiveness"
for site owners throughout the world

Creating your website mission statement

Here's how you create your website mission statement .....

Rule #1: a website mission statement longer than 1 short sentence is unacceptable!

There are 3 parts to a website mission statement ...

1) Website Core Essence
2) True Aim Targets
3) Motivational Actions

Here's how it works .....

  • online, you will access the Website Mission Statement Program
  • simply go through the program, and all 3 components of your customized Website Mission Statement will be revealed
  • simply put your 3 unique components together and - in as little as 15-30 minutes - you will have created an effective, proper, 100% customized website mission statement

With this online program, creating your website mission statement is simple, its easy and its fast! Complete easy-to-follow instructions are provided with the program. All you will need is 2 pieces of paper and something to write with

you can either do the program online or Download or Print the program and do it later at your convenience, in your own home or office

Where do you put a mission statement?
Once you create your website mission statement simply add it to your website. You can put it on your home page or create a new page and add a link to it from your navbar or homepage or put it on your About Me/About Us page or display it any way or anywhere you like. Just make sure you put it where people can find it!

It's even great for ebay auctions! Create a website mission statement and add it to your About Me page or put it at the end of all your auction descriptions! Instead of calling it your website mission statement just call it your "ebay mission statement"

we don't sell your email address, make you join anything or send you offers, etc. We just help website owners, just like you, create a mission statement so you can put it on your web site.

How to get started

  • Make payment below via paypal. Our account name will read CoolTools.
  • Paypal is the only payment method we accept.
  • As soon as you make your payment you will immediately and automatically be re-directed online right from paypal to the online Website Mission Statement Program where you can access the program.
  • You can do the program online or, if you prefer, you can Print or Download the entire program now and do the program at your convenience, in your own home or office.
  • Credit cards and electronic checks accepted via paypal; international payments welcomed from over 44 countries. Program is in English only.

it only takes 15-30 minutes to create
your website mission statement!

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If you are a website owner, putting a mission statement on your site is not just a good idea, it's a great idea (if you want your visitors to better relate to your site). If you want your website to be more appealing ... and more credible ... then put a mission statement on your website ASAP!

You'll be glad you did!

- Andrew

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